Needle Sports Web Order Returns Form 2023

30 day returns - Extended each year until 31st January for items purchased between 1st November and 24th December so that customers can return Christmas presents that don't fit etc.

Unused Non-Faulty mail order or shop purchases: UK customers can return any non-faulty goods within 30 days* for a refund or replacement with a different size at no extra cost**, provided that they are in our opinion complete with their packaging in as new condition. All you pay is the return postage. But please note we cannot be responsible for goods that do not reach us, so some insurance might be a good idea! A Certificate of Posting (available free) covers cheaper items, otherwise use Recorded Delivery, Special Delivery or Parcelforce, all of which can be insured for a small cost - ask at the Post Office. This does not apply though to items made especially to your order ie Rab sleeping bags with extra down, Buffalo made to measure, etc - such items cannot be returned. Rockshoes, boots, clothing etc, in fact all non-faulty returned items, must be completely unused. We have had rockshoes returned with chalkdust on them, boots with mud in the tread, and clothing with sweet wrappers in the pockets. Dishonesty is a rather unpleasant facet of human nature, particularly when combined with greed, and by way of punishment such returns will not be credited and will only be posted back if the customer agrees to pay the postage. Overseas customers will receive the same service except that postage on an exchanged item will be charged at cost. All refunds will be processed in GBP so any refund amount will vary with exchange rates.

Rules on returning unwanted/unsuitable items that you have ordered are governed within the UK by the Consumer Contracts Regulations (2013). These state that if the customer changes their mind because they don't like what they have ordered and returns it then the supplier should refund the goods and that the customer should pay the return postage if the seller has advised them that this is the case. We do advise that you the customer will have to pay this cost.

* Unused non-faulty items that have been in your possession for more than one month may be returned at our discretion (this will largely depend on whether the item is still a current model or not and whether it is still one that we stock). If the items were originally sent out to you post free we will refund the cost minus the cost to us of the original postage. Please contact us prior to returning any such goods.

** We will do this once - after that you will be charged.

Faulty goods can be returned at any time - please contact us first (017687 72227, Please note that the final decision as to whether the goods are faulty rests with the manufacturer. If the goods are accepted as faulty then they will be repaired or replaced free of charge. We regret that, because many faulty goods will need to be posted back to the manufacturer for further assessment and await their decision, this can be a rather lengthy process, and the bigger the manufacturer, the longer it seems to take.

On all returns, used clothing and boots must be CLEAN, and this includes the tread of boot soles. Items returned in a smelly, dirty, or damp state will not be dealt with and will be left for the owner to collect at their own expense. NB Please don't wash footwear in a washing machine as this will invariably render any warranty invalid.

UK Customers: We will refund your postage on a return of faulty goods within the UK to a reasonable amount (ie if you have used an expensive courier service when you could have used Royal Mail then we will refund what you would have paid had you used the cheaper option!) - NB we cannot accept any claim for any other extra costs involved arising out of a faulty item, other than return postage).

Overseas Customers: Please note that we cannot refund your postage however faulty items may be - please consider this before ordering.

What We Need to Know: We cannot do anything about your return if we don't know who you are, why you are returning the goods or when you bought them - please include all this information in the parcel, if possible with your original order number. You can print a returns form at the top of this page. It is astounding how many returns we receive with insufficient or illegible information regarding the sender and/or what the problem is with the goods - all such inadequately documented parcels are assigned to a little frequented spot in the office where they can gather dust and cobwebs in peace until the sender eventually realises that nothing has been done about it and contacts us! The contents of any such parcels that have loitered there for a year without being claimed will be thrown away/given away/ or sold to raise money for NECCR, whichever we deem most appropriate.

Tax Refunds on Non-UK Returns If you return any items from outside the UK, we will not be able to refund any taxes, duties or fees that you paid on original import of the goods. You should contact the tax authorities who collected the tax for a refund.

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