Stock Levels

Stock Levels: Stock Levels are indicated for almost all items. Whilst every effort is made to keep these as accurate as possible they will not be entirely so for several reasons. These are: a) The computer may be lying. b) Some-one else may have ordered the same item just prior to yourself. c) Some naughty person may have stolen it.

However, most items, especially books and maps etc, are obtainable very quickly. Clothing though may be a bit hit and miss as virtually all outdoor clothing is seasonal. This means that it has to be ordered up to a year in advance and there is usually limited (or even no) further stock available thereafter.

If an item is showing 0 or 1 in stock, don't let that stop you ordering, but if you need the item fairly quickly it would be best to ring us first to make sure that we have it or can get it.

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