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<p> <strong><a href="" target="_blank">DMM</a></strong>&nbsp;make some of the best and most&nbsp;beautifully&nbsp;designed climbing hardware available anywhere in the world, nearly all hot forged or otherwise manufactured in their factory in Wales. This is their forte and, despite occasional forays into clothing, earning the gratitude loyalty of British climbers as a result, they largely stick to what they know best.</p> <p> Founded in 1981 as by Denny Morehouse as&nbsp;Moorhouse Engineering in Bethesda, soon to become DMM and move to more suitable premises in Llanberis in 1986, the company celebrated 30 years of manufacturing in 2011. In 1981 the company employed just 4 people, and now thirty years later they are an important employer in this area with just over 150 men and women on payroll.</p>
DMM Women's Vixen Harness
DMM Women's Vixen Harness
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DMM Xeno Pick Adze B
DMM Xeno Pick
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c63_12025_A531RD-xsre-red-swatch c63_12025_A531PR-xsre-purple-swatch c63_12025_A531GR-xsre-green-swatch c63_12025_A531MG-XSRE-matt-greyswatch
DMM XSRE Accessory Karabiner
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DMM XSRE Lock Blue
c63_14250_A532BL-XSRE-Lock-Blueswatch c63_12025_A531GR-xsre-green-swatch c63_14250_A532LG-XSRE-Lock-Limeswatch c63_12025_A531MG-XSRE-matt-greyswatch c63_14250_A532PK-XSRE-Lock-Pinkswatch c63_12025_A531RD-xsre-red-swatch
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DMM Zenith 18L Blue
DMMTubeBlueSwatch DMMTubeRedSwatch DMMTubeYellowSwatch
DMM Zenith 18L
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DMM Zodiac 12mm Offset D Keylock Screwgate Karabiner
DMM Zodiac 12mm Offset D Keylock Screwgate Karabiner
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Edge Boulder Chalk Bag Red
DMMTubeRedSwatch DMMTubeYellowSwatch DMMTubeBlueSwatch
Edge Boulder Chalk Bag
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Petzl Ouistiti Child's Harness
Petzl Ouistiti Child's Harness
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