Spain & Portugal

Mountains in the shape of the Picos de Europa and the Pyrenees form the border between Spain and France. Further south, there are few mountains but a massive number of crags, mainly limestone. Portugal lies in the south-west corner of the Iberian peninsula, and both countries possess numerous offshore islands.

The majorareas are:
North-West Spain: Including the Picos de Eropa..
The Pyrenees: A vast range forming the Spanish/French border. The highest summit is Pico d'Aneto.
North-East Spain: Includes Catalonia and a massive number of impressive limestone crags.
Central Spain: Not so noted for its climbing, but there are some good crags and it is less tourity than other parts.
Southern Spain: Includes Andalucia and many limestone crags around the Costa Brava and El Chorro.
Canary Isles: Sunny Spanish islands in the Atlantic.
Balaeriacs: Spanish islands in the Mediteranean, including Mallorca.
Portugal: Spain's neighbour in the south-west has some good rock climbing.
Azores: Sunny Portuguese islands in the Atlantic.

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