Sport Karabiners

Ordinary snaplink karabiners are seldom required on their own for sport climbing, rather the climber will just carry a dozen or so quickdraws, as the route requires. However, for using a belay device,though an ordinary HMS screwgate will do the job, a special belay karabiner makes sense as it cannot become cross-loaded.

The karabiners shown here are ones that we feel are particularly suited to sport climbing. For our full range please see the Rock Climbing Section.

Grivel Vlad Belay Station
Grivel Vlad Belay Station Karabiner
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Grivel Easy Clips
Grivel Easy Clip (pack of 15)
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Peguet Maillon Rapide Standard Galvanised Steel
Peguet Maillon Rapide Standard Galvanised Steel
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