Gear Aid Gore-tex Fabric Repair Kit

The essential field repair kit for all types of repairs including tents, sleeping pads, rainwear, backpacks, boots and more. 

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Gear Aid Gore-tex Fabric Repair Kit

Gear Aid Gore-tex Fabric Repair Kit
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The essential field repair kit for all types of repairs to Gore-tex clothing. Kit includes two adhesive backed Gore-tex® fabric pressure-sensitive patches. Ideal for Gore-tex and Windstopper® Fabric.

Two patches per kit:
1x round 7.5cm diameter.
1 x rectangular 10 x 5cm.

Black only.

Instructions: The patches supplied in this kit will provide a temporary water resistant repair for Gore-tex® fabric products.
Patches should be kept in sealed plastic bag until used.
Area to be repaired must be clean and dry.
Patch will not adhere effectively to loose debris, grease or oil.
Patch should overlap tear by at least ½" (1.2cm) in all directions.
Remove release paper from back of patch. Lay Gore product on a smooth flat surface and apply patch using finger pressure (adhesive side down).
Rub patch surface in a circular motion from the centre out covering the entire patch area.
The repaired item can be used immediately; however, the adhesive will continue to strengthen over the next 12 to 24 hours.
The durability of the patch can be enhanced by applying heat and moderate pressure. Use a clean iron and set to medium heat. Press with moderate pressure in a circular motion for 30 seconds.

Gear Aid is the new name for McNett.

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