Stormsure Repair


Repair goo for mending boots, trainers, shoes, tents, ground sheets, waterproof clothing. It can be mixed with 1% clean water for a faster cure time.

Stormsure Repair

Clear 3 x 5g
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Clear 15g
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Black 3 x 5g
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Black 15g
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Stormsure is a high performance moisture curing polyurethane adhesive that exhibits exceptional bonding characteristics to a broad range of materials including metals, glass, plastic composites, PVC, PU, Nylon, rubber, leather, wood, most fabrics and man made materials.

Stormsure provides a tough but flexible waterproof bond that won't crack or become brittle. Stormsure out-performs silicones, acrylics, and many contact cements because it bonds to more surfaces with greater strength and durability.

Repair leaks and holes in wetsuits and drysuits, waders, boots, trainers and shoes and make patchless repairs on tents, ground sheets, waterproof clothing and inflatables. It can also be used to bond many other items.

  • Exceptional flexibility – Does not become brittle in cold weather, can bond items subject to vibration.
  • Good gap filling capability due to high solids content.
  • Can be painted on when used with a thinner.
  • Mix thoroughly with 1% clean water for a faster cure time.
  • Waterproof – Can be submerged in fresh and salt water after complete cure.
  • Abrasion resistance – Great for bonding or coating objects subject to wear.
  • Inert when cured.
  • Excellent resistance to many chemicals.

Available in Clear or Black and in either a 15g tube for large repairs or 3 x 5g tubes for a series of small repairs.

Top tip: Keep tubes in the freezer once opened to prevent them going off.

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