Julbo Aerospace Reactiv Perfomance Goggles Cat 1-3

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Really good goggles for mountaineering and ski touring, especially in Scotland and other northern areas, that adjust from Cat 1 - Cat 3 and have a brilliant venting system to prevent steaming up. Standard and OTG models.

Julbo Aerospace Reactiv Perfomance Goggles Cat 1-3

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A very comfortable light-reactive goggle that deals with the problems of steaming up when climbing by having a very clever lens that can be clicked forward with gloved hands to allow air in all round the edge of the lens and then clicked back into place for the descent - all without taking it off your head.

This version has a reactive lens (adjusts from cat 1 to cat 3 - Visible Light Transmission 75% to 17%), for poor weather and overcast conditions as well as sunny skies. The red lens tint accentuates terrain relief.

  • SuperFlow System enables the screen to edge forward for greater ventilation, while remaining perfectly protected from the sun's rays. 
  • Automatic adjustment from Category 1 to Category 3.
  • Spherical screen and minimalist frame for a huge field of vision.
  • Sized to fit medium to large heads.

Really good goggles for Scottish winter mountaineering and northern latitudes ski touring.

Available in Standard and OTG versions, the latter being for wearers of spectacles.

Category        Usage
0 Not really a category - transmits 100% of visible light. Protection against grit and ice only. 
1 43% - 80% visible light transmitted. Suitable for use in cloudy conditions with virtually no direct sunlight eg blizzards and whiteouts 
2 18% - 43% visible light transmitted. Suitable for use as general sunglasses and in cloudy conditions in the mountains, but not in direct sunlight in mountain areas where there will be a lot of reflection off snow and ice.
3 8% - 18% visible light transmitted. Suitable for Alpine and Himalayan mountaineering for most uses, but for prolonged exposure at high altitude Category 4 is recommended.
4 3% - 8% visible light transmitted. For prolonged exposure at high altitude and especially if you have weak eyes. Will be found too dark for everyday use and should not be used for driving a car.

*Categories 3 and 4 are the only categories suitable for Alpine and Greater Ranges mountaineering.

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