Needle Sports Bag of Life

Huge carrier bag with Needle Sports Logo. We call it a bag of life as you can use it to carry whatever is important in your life - be it climbing gear or food!

We have introduced this massive reusable carrier bag with a colourful Needle Sports Logo design partly to mark 25 years of trading but also to help cut down on the use of plastic bags which are harmful to the environment when thrown away.

The bag measures a huge 50cm long by 40cm high by 29cm wide and  has two handles which are long enough to slip over the shoulder if you have a heavy load*. Each bag comes with a plastic stiffener to expand out the base - hard to spot at first glance, but look twice and you'll see it.

Obviously it's great for putting all those Needle Sport's purchases in but it also has many other uses; a food shopping bag, general storage bag, cheap ropebag for the climbing wall, laundry bag, etc etc.

* Please note - these are a promotional item being sold at cost. They are not an expensive duffle bag or rucksack so please don't expect them to cope with unreasonably heavy loads, sharp objects etc without damage.

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