Arapiles - 444 of the Best

This selected climbs guide to the Arapiles in Victoria, Australia is reasonably priced, beautifully photographed and easily fits in your pocket - perfect for a short visit to one of the world's premier climbing destinations.

An affordable, pocket sized, selected routes guidebook to Australia's ever popular climbing area of Mount Arapiles, well illustrated with photo tops and action shots. It describes 444 climbs ranging from grade 2 (Moderate) to 34 (E9) with the bulk between VS and E3.
A no-nonsense guidebook covering the best routes at all grades with over 80 cliff photo topos and a user-friendly design that makes route finding a doddle.
It's pocket sized but also has a hole through one corner so you can thread it on a loop of cord and hang it off your harness! Perfect for short-term visitors, anyone interested in the classic routes, and anyone who wants just a small book to carry around.
Written by Gordon Poultney and featuring cliff and action photography by Simon Carter.
Card cover, 17cm x 12cm. 132 pages.
Published 2013.
ISBN: 978-0-9870874-6-1.

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