Blue Mountains Climbing

A guide to climbing in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales in the south-east of Australia and west of Sydney. Lots of photo-topos and colour pictures.

A comprehensive Blue Mountains Climbing guidebook and every climber's essential companion to one of Australia's most popular climbing areas. Extensive coverage of the region combined with quality information make it key to maximising your enjoyment of this huge climbing area.

This edition, of the comprehensive Blue Mountains Climbing guidebook is the ultimate guide to Australia's biggest and most popular climbing area. The guide has been significantly expanded to detail 3421 routes spanning some 58 crags. This thoroughly researched and fully updated guidebook contains important crag overview information, clear access directions, beautifully rendered maps (all new), practical cliff topo photos, conscientiously authored route descriptions, and inspiring action photos.

By Simon Carter et al.

Card cover, 21cm x 15cm, 448 pages.

Published 2019.

ISBN: 978-0-9580790-8-2.

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