Golden Boulders - Hampi

Climbing guide to the biggest area of boulders in the world, Hampi in India - imagine Brimham Rocks on steroids with temples and monkeys! 

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Golden Boulders - Hampi

Golden Boulders - Hampi
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The biggest area of boulders in the world lies at Hampi in India - imagine Brimham Rocks on steroids with temples and monkeys! Endless boulder fields stretch as far as one can see. The friendly people, warm climate, green palm trees, blue water of the Tungabhadra river all make this a desirable destination.

This guidebook contains all the known boulders and roped climbs - the possibilities for new problems appear endless. It also contains much other useful information for the traveller to this fabulous area: Hints for the journey, Hampi knowledge, the temples, how to behave as a foreigner, history of climbing, rice cultivation, geology, Indian cuisine, the caste system, Hindu gods, monkeys, dictionary, health.

In full colour with detailed maps and photo topos.

In English and German.

By Gerald Krug and Christiane Hupe.

Card cover, 15cm x 23cm, 352 pages.

Published 2013.

ISBN: 978-3-00-041342-1.

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