Portland takes up about half this guide. It also covers deep water soloing around Lulworth Cove, plus selected climbs at Swanage and the Needles.


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This is the fifth edition of the Dorset Rockfax and the biggest Rockfax guidebook yet. It covers all the sport climbing across Portland, Lulworth and Swanage in Dorset and also the best of the trad climbing. The book features all the new developments since the previous book which was published in 2012 and also a few extra areas. Every crag has been rephotographed and complimented with sweeping aerial crag overviews that make approaches clearer than ever, and detailed new maps.

Portland: Blacknor North, Blacknor Central, Blacknor South, Blacknor Beach, Blacknor Far South, Battleship Edge, Battleship Back Cliff, Wallsend North, Wallsend South, Coastguard North, Coastguard South, White Hole, Lighthouse Area, Cave Hole, Beeston Cliff, Godnor, Neddyfields, Cheyne Cliff, Dungecroft Quarry, Lost Valley, The Cuttings, The Knobs.
Swanage: Winspit, Hedbury, Dancing Ledge, Guillemot Ledge, Cormorant Ledge, Blackers Hole, Fisherman's Ledge, The Promenade, Cattle Troughs, Boulder Ruckle, Subluminal.
The Needles

By Mark Glaister and Pete Oxley.

Card cover, 21cm x 15cm, 608 pages.

Published 2021.

ISBN: 978-1-873341-73-5.

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