Over the Moors


The definitive guide to Peak District moorland grit rock climbing, bouldering and winter climbing. 

Over the Moors

Over the Moors
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The definitive guide to Peak District moorland grit. It brings everything from the great crags of the Chew Valley, Bleaklow and Kinder together for the first time, along with all the outcrops and quarries in their shadow.

Over 4,000 routes on 125 crags plus bouldering and a lot of interesting information on the area and it's history, both climbing and otherwise, Contents include:

Kinder Downfall Area: Kinder Scout South-Western Edges, Mill Hill Buttress, Mill Hill Edge, Chode Buttress, Wrinkly Buttress, Upper Western Buttress, Lower Western Buttress, Kinder Buttress, Path Side Buttress, The Amphitheatre Area, Two Tier Area, The Amphitheatre, Kinder Downfall, The South Tiers, Great Buttress, Grin and Bear It, Near Red Brook.

Kinder Southern Edges: The Western Crags - Edale Cross Rocks, Upper Edale Rocks, Noe Stool, The Pagoda, Chevron Block, The Woolpacks, Crowden Towers, Crowden Clough Face. The Eastern Crags - Fox Holes, Grindsbrook Towers, Far Upper Tor, Grindsbrook Rocks, Upper Tor, Secret Buttress, Nether Tor, Ringing Roger, Crookstone Knoll.

Kinder Northern Edges: Blackden Brook, Chinese Wall, Misty Buttresses, Perseverance Wall, Fortress Wall, Ashop Edge, The Cabin Buttresses, Big Brother Buttress, Little Brother Buttress, Nether Red Brook, Mustard Walls, Jester Buttress, The Quadrinnacle, Dead Chimney Buttress.

The Western Front: Hobson Moor Quarry, Harry™s Quarry, John Henry Quarry, Broadbottom Quarry, Blackshaw Quarry, Yellowslacks, Shelf Benches, Lower Shelf Stones, Coombes Rocks, Worm Stones, New Mills Torrs, Cracken Edge Quarries, The Big Stone, Whiterakes, Buxworth Railway Crag, Kinder Bank Quarry, Oldpits Quarry, Grinah Stones, Barrow Stones, Ridge Upper Moor Tor.

The Longdendale Area: Tintwistle Knarr, Tintwistle Boulders, Millstone Buttress, Lad™s Leap Ravine, The Searchtower, Highstone Rocks, Black Tor, Decaying Buttress, Black Tor Boulders, Rake™s Rocks, Laddow, Crowden Castles, Deceptive Buttress, Brookside Crag, Bareholme, Brockholes Quarry, Crowden Great Quarry, Far Black Clough, Shining Clough, Deer Knowl, Rollick Stones, Torside Clough Rocks.

The Chew Valley: Alderman Rocks, Upperwood Quarry, Standing Stones, Middle Edge Rocks, The Ravenstones, Dovestones Edge, Dovestones Quarry, Dovestones Skyline, Bramley™s Cot, Dovestone (Duck Stone) Skyline, Duck Stone Crag, Charnel Stones, Rob™s Rocks, Wilderness Rocks, Stable Stones Brow, Wimberry Rocks, Wimberry Boulders, Dakota Buttress.

The Saddleworth Area: Standedge, Pack Horse Quarry, Rough Knarr Quarry, Den Lane Quarries, Running Hill Pits, Slades Rocks, Pots and Pans Quarries, The Oven Stones.

The Marsden Area: Pule Hill Rocks, Nab End, Worlow Quarry, Shooter™s Nab, West Nab.

Winter Climbs: Mam Tor, Back Tor, Kinder Downfall, Longdendale, Chew Winter Climbs, Dovestones Quarry.

Littered with quality photographs and photo topos. Brilliant!

Written/Edited by Martin Kocsis, Ian Carr, Niall Grimes and a cast of thousands.

Tough card cover, 19cm x 13cm, 625 pages.

Published 2012.

ISBN: 978-0-903908-18-4.

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