Peak Limestone North

A tremendous guide to the classic limestone crags in the northern area of the Peak District.

A tremendous guide to the classic limestone crags in the northern area of the Peak District.

This definitive guidebook from the British Mountaineering Council covers trad climbing, sport climbing and bouldering. It features full colour maps and topos, superb action shots and historical photos and essays detailing the heritage of the crags. Coverage extends to Stoney Middleton, Horseshoe Quarry, Water-cum-Jolly, Raven Tor, Chee Dale, Ravensdale, Smalldale, Staden Quarry, Harpur Hill, Aldery Cliff and many, many more:

Stoney Middleton Area: Stoney Middleton, Goddard’s Quarry, Stoney West, Cucklet Delf, Golden Wall, Horseshoe Quarry, Tom’s (Roadside) Cave.
Water-cum-Jolly: The Upper Circle, Vision Buttress, Stormflight Area, Jackdaw Point, Inch Test Buttress, Ping Pong Area, Psyche’s Buttress, The Keep, Strip Search Wall, Lammergeyer Buttress, Ivy Buttress, Rubicon Wall, Waterfall Crag, Black Buttress, Moat Buttress Area, Swamp Wall, The Cornice, Two Tier Buttress, Witchcraft Wall, Church Buttress, Central Buttress, Mill Buttress, Mill Race Buttress.
Ravensdale: Crag X, Monsal Viaduct Buttress.
Raven Tor Area: Raven Tor, Tideswell Dale, Ergonomic Buttress, Raven’s Foot Buttress, Slip and Slime Buttress, Squirrel’s Buttress, Blackwell Dale, Beginner’s Wall, Sean’s Roof, Zippy’s Roof, Roadside Wall, Griff’s Buttress Area, The Ravine.
Chee Dale: Blatant and Blackwell, The Sidings, The Embankment, Max Buttress, The Nook, The Cornice, Rhubarb Buttress, Chee Tor East, Chee Tor, Dog’s Dinner Buttress, Nettle Buttress, Two Tier Buttress, Long Wall, Runyon’s Corner/Moving Buttress, Railway Buttress, The Obelisk, The Lifts, Plum Buttress, The Cuttings, Topley Buttress.
The Buxton Area: Conies Dale, Smalldale, Devonshire (Beerhouse) Buttress, Deep Dale, Craig-y-Biceps, Staden Quarry, Lovers’ Leap, Harpur Hill, Aldery Cliff.
The Castleton Area: Winnats Pass, The Arch, Odin’s Cave, Peak Cavern, Cave Dale, Bradwell Dale, Eldon Hole.

By Gary Gibson and Ian Carr.

Quality card cover, 21cm x 15cm, 528 pages.

Published 2015.

ISBN: 9780903908382.

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