A fantastic looking definitive climbing guide to Stanage, plus a comprehensive bouldering guide.

A fantastic looking definitive climbing guide from the Niall Grimes inspired BMC team consisting largely one suspects of Grimer himself.

Brilliant photo-topos, action shots and loads of quirky quotes and other stuff, plus a comprehensive bouldering guide - a must have book for any climber likely to go within ten miles of the place, and even for those strange few who aren't!

Covers Stanage and Carhead Rocks. 2,400 gritstone traditional routes and a full round up of all the gritstone bouldering with sets of bouldering circuits, set out in grade ranges along the crag. Also features a personal selection of 5 favourite routes from over forty climbers.

Edited by Niall Grimes.

Tough card cover, 19cm x 13cm, 350 pages.

Published in 2007.

ISBN: 978-903908-08-5.

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