Wainwright - Book 3: The Central Fells

An updated version of the famous walking guide. Covers the area bounded to the north by Keswick, to the east by Thirlmere, to the south by Great Langdale, and to the west by Borrowdale.

Between 1955 and 1966, Alfred Wainwright wrote what are probably the most painstakingly produced mountain walking guidebooks ever published. Seven volumes cover the Lake District and each is meticulously written and drawn and mapped entirely by hand with hundreds of black and white drawings and maps, all to the very highest

For many years these books were not revised and some of the information in them became inaccurate. However in recent years Chris Jesty and Clive Hutchby have updated the originals and clever computer techniques have allowed this to be done in such away that the changed material is indistinguishable from the original content. Thus these fine guides are are once again guides in the true sense of the word - ie they can be relied on when you're in the fells.

Volume 3 Covers the area bounded to the north by Keswick, to the east by Thirlmere, to the south by Great Langdale, and to the west by Borrowdale.

Card cover (please note, earlier editions were hardback), 17cm x 11cm, 316 pages.

Third (Walkers) edition 2016.
ISBN: 978-0-7112-3656-1.

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