7 + 8 (3748 Straight Ups in Fontainebleau)

Not for everyone! Topos to 3748 "straight up" boulder problems at Fontainbleau - the only drawback is that they are all graded from F7a to F8c (ie V6 and harder!).

Not for everyone! Topos to 3748 "straight up" boulder problems at Fontainbleau - the only drawback is that they are all graded from F7a to F8c (ie V6 and harder!).
A clear and precise overview of the difficult boulder problems in Fontainebleau, 50 kilometres south of Paris. 3,478 straight ups, graded seven (from 7a) or eight (to 8c), are listed. A star system is used and bouldering circuits are adopted where possible. Problems that are better not attempted without multiple pads and spotters are highlighted. Each problem is classified with the shape of the boulder, type of holds or moves. 
Lots of colour photos too.
The introduction is in English and French. The individual directions for each problem and the area descriptions are just in English.
By Bart van Raaij.
Tough card cover, 15cm x 21cm, marker ribbon, 432 pages.
Second edition 2016.
ISBN: 978-90-807492-5-2.

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