Altitrail Mont-Blanc

A well illustrated map and topo diagram guide to 20 trail runs of around 3 - 9 hours in the Mont Blanc range, plus 7 vertical kilometres.

This guidebook describes the "most beautiful trail running routes in the Mont Blanc massif" - not an idle boast when you look at the pictures! The guide has 20 circuits for mountain runners and fit walkers, all of which meander around the foot of the Mont Blanc range in France, Switzerland and Italy. Also included are 7 "Vertical Kilometres" runs up to alpine huts.

There are detailed descriptions, sketch maps, profiles, timings and photo topos.

In French and English.
By Pascal Frérot.
Card cover, 17.5cm x 12.5cm, 240 pages.
Published 2014.
ISBN: 978-2-918824-16-9.

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