Mountain Adventures in the Maurienne

All the inspiration needed for a multi-activity holiday in the Vanoise and Dauphiné, with many suggestions for day walks, mountaineering routes, via ferratas, rock climbs, mountain biking, road cycling and long-distance treks.

Mountain Adventures in the Maurienne

Mountain Adventures in the Maurienne
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This guide offers readers all the inspiration they need for a multi-activity holiday in the Haute Maurienne (also known as the Vanoise and Dauphiné), in the French Alps. Contents cover day walks, mountaineering routes, via ferratas, rock climbs, mountain biking, road cycling and long-distance treks, and the guide seems ideal for the adventurous family on holiday.

Walking/biking routes range from short walks and cycle rides for the whole family to sustained or challenging mountain routes up to PD to reach the highest summits. Six crags are described with photo diagrams (the routes are nearly all in the sub 6a category, so ideal for youngsters), along with nine via ferratas.

1 Day Walks
Route 1 Lac de l’Arcelle 
Route 2 La Pierre aux Pieds 
Route 3 Lac Blanc and Plan des Eaux 
Route 4 Vallon de la Rocheure 
Route 5 Pointe de Lanserlia 
Route 6 Hannibal’s Crossing (Col Clapier)
Route 7 Mont Froid 
Route 8 Pointe de Bellecombe 
Route 9 High Valley Walk
Route 10 Pointe de l’Observatoire

2 Mountaineering Routes 
Route 11 Pointe Droset 
Route 12 Crête de la Turra and Pointe du Grand Vallon 
Route 13 Pointe des Fours 
Route 14 3000ers Circuit 
Route 15 Lessières Traverse 
Route 16 Le Petit Vallon 
Route 17 Roche d’Etache 
Route 18 Traverse of Pointe de Cugne 
Route 19 North Ridge of Cime du Laro 
Route 20 Signal du Petit Mont Cenis 
Route 21 Arête de Léché 
Route 22 La Dent Parrachée

3 Via Ferratas 
Route 23 Le Pichet, Lanslevillard
Route 24 The Pinnacles, Aussois
Route 25 Guy Favre, Balme Noir
Route 26 Traversée des Anges 
Route 27 Montée au Ciel 
Route 28 Les Rois Mages
Route 29 Descente aux Enfers 
Route 30 Remontée du Purgatoire 
Route 31 Via Cordatta, Col de la Madeleine (Via Ferrata/Rock Climbing)

4 Rock Climbing
Route 32 Rocher des Amoureux

4 Rock Climbing  
Route 32 Rocher des Amoureux  
Route 33 Sollières 
Route 34 Rocher de Termignon 
Route 35 Blocs de la Madeleine 
Route 36 Dalles du Mollard 
Route 37 Drailles Blanches

5 Mountain Biking 
Route 38 Termignon and Sollières Circuit 
Route 39 La Girarde 
Route 40 Champions’ Loop 
Route 41 Chemin du Petit Bonheur 
Route 42 The Sardières Monolith 
Route 43 Mont Cenis Circuit

6 Road Rides 
Route 44 Col du Mont Cenis 
Route 45 Aussois Loop 
Route 46 Col de l’Iseran 
Route 47 Col du Galibier

7 Walking Tours 
Route 48 Tour of the Vanoise Glaciers 
Route 49 Tour of Méan Martin 
Route 50 Tour of Pointe de l’Echelle

Lots of excellent colour illustrations.

By Andy Hodges.

Plastic cover, 17.5cm x 12cm, 108 pages.

Published 2011.

ISBN: 978-1-85284-621-3.

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