Via Ferratas of the French Alps


This guidebook covers 66 varied via ferratas in the French Alps. 

Via Ferratas of the French Alps

Via Ferratas of the French Alps
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This guidebook covers 66 varied via ferratas in the French Alps. With some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, the French Alps have long been a popular destination for a wide range of outdoor activities. In recent years, the region has seen the arrival of a growing number of via ferrata routes - these tend to be more exposed and sporting than their Italian counterparts.

Via ferrata climbing – using fixed cables, bridges and ladders to explore terrain that is normally only accessible to experienced rock climbers – combines elements of scrambling, mountaineering and rock climbing, yet is a very distinct pursuit. Increasingly popular, recent years have seen a surge in the number of routes being established in these iconic mountains.

The routes in this guidebook range from straightforward, protected walks suitable for beginners and children, through to highly strenuous and massively exposed challenges suitable only for those with experience. The guide gives full explanations of all the techniques and equipment required and all routes are graded for difficulty, exposure and seriousness.

The routes are spread over six areas: Geneva and the Northern Alps, Chambéry, Tarentaise and Maurienne valleys, Grenoble and Briançon, amid the Mont Blanc, Vanoise and Queyras ranges. Difficulty ranges from easy, protected routes through to exposed, technical challenges.

Well illustrated with maps and photos - a good easy to use guide.

By Richard Miller.

Plastic cover, 17cm x 11.5cm, 352 pages.

Published 2014, reprinted 2022.

ISBN: 9781852846480.

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