Rock Climbing in Donegal

A selected rock climbing guide to the picturesque area of Donegal in the far north-west of Northern Ireland - with seacliffs and inland crags of perfect granite and grades from Diff to E7

Rock Climbing in Donegal

Rock Climbing in Donegal
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Rock Climbing in Donegal is a select guide to the entire County of Donegal in the far north-west of Northern Ireland. It documents over one thousand outstanding rock climbs from Muckross Head in the south to Malin Head at Ireland's most northerly point on the Inishowen Peninsula (out of a total of over 3000 climbs). Twenty five very different rock climbing areas are described and each area comprises descriptive text and an area map to ensure the ease of finding the location. Throughout the book over 250 colour photographs have been used to help describe every cliff, crag, sea stack and mountain listed. This ensures that 96% of the routes are shown on full colour photo topos taken from the best angle and position in optimum light to allow first time visitors to find their chosen routes. 
The author Iain Millar has spent the past nine years exploring Donegal making the first ascents of over 400 rock climbs and 50 previously unclimbed sea stacks. It is with this in-depth knowledge of rural Donegal that he has selected and documented the climbs within this guidebook. This guidebook will provide the first time visitor and the more seasoned Donegal climber alike with a lifetime (indeed several lifetimes) of outstanding world class rock climbing in some of the most beautiful, remote and unspoilt places in Ireland.
Covers: Muckross Head, Sail Rock, Malin Beg, Skelpoonagh Bay, An Port, Crohy Head South, Arranmore Island, Cruit Island, Owey Island, Gola Island, Umfin Island, Tór na Dumhcha, Tory Island, Lough Belshade, Eglish Valley, Bingorms, Poisoned Glen, Muckish, Crockanaffrin, Malin Head, Bunagee Coast, Dunmore Head, Warm Bay Point, Dungloon (Kinnego), Port a Doris.
It also includes a short introduction to winter climbs in the area - a full on line guide is available at:

By Iain Miller.

Card cover with plastic sleeve, 15cm x 11cm, 358 pages.

Published 2015.

ISBN: 978-1-56581-231-4.

The full on line guide to Donegal is available as a series of downloads at

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