Walks and Scrambles in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas

Guide to 41 graded walks and scrambles in the Anti-Atlas mountains of southern Morocco. The guide covers six main areas, including Tafraout, Jebel El Kest, Ait Mansour, Ameln Valley, Taskra and Tanalt.

Walks and Scrambles in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas

Walks and Scrambles in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas
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The walks and scrambles in this guidebook explore the wild and rugged landscapes of the Anti-Atlas mountains of southern Morocco, with Tafraout and the Ameln Valley as the main base. 41 adventurous routes of between 3km and 40km include Jebel el Kest, Adra Mkorn and Ait Mansour, with an outline of a 1 week long-distance trek across the north-west Anti-Atlas. Walks are mainly moderate to difficult, and scrambles are Grade 1 to Grade 3+, with ropes being required for some sections. Often remote and challenging, the routes are suitable for confident walkers and scramblers with good navigation skills.

The mountains and landscapes of the Anti-Atlas extend over 300km north east from the Atlantic Ocean to Jebel Sirwa (3305m). This guidebook covers an area of more than 4000m² in the north-west of the region. The spectacular, rugged surroundings include mountains, gorges, valleys and desert landscapes – whether it is the iconic Lion's Face which dominates the Ameln Valley and the Tafraout oasis, the deep canyons of Ait Mansour, the ancient villages of the Ameln Valley, or the Tanalt backcountry.

Each route description is accompanied by mapping, with some photo topos to aid route finding in tricky sections. The guidebook also gives background information on the people, culture and history of the region, as well as a wealth of advice on planning a trip, making it an indispensable guide to exploring this dramatic region.
Tafraout: Ouadou Desert Basin Walk and Scramble, The Painted Rocks and Tafraout Back Country, The Elephant’s Trunk, Napoleon’s Hat and the Three Flagpoles Scramble, Adrar Mqorn - Direct from Ayerd, Adrar Mqorn - Traverse by Southeast Ridge, Adrar Mqorn - The Grid Ridge Scramble, Adrar Mqorn - Tahala Peaks Scramble and Walk
Ait Mansour and the South: Afra Ridge Scramble, Tasselt Walk, Tizi Ridge Scramble, Ait Mansour - Northern Skyline, Ait Mansour - Southwest Rim and Summits, Ait Mansour - Southeast Towers.
Ameln Valley and Abdellah Cirque: Jebel Amagdour (Horseshoe Route), Ardrar Idekel Scramble and Walk, Tizgut Ridge Scramble, Above the Lion’s Face, Below the Lion’s Face, Ameln Villages Valley Traverse, Abdellah Cirque, Abdellah Ridge Scramble and Azarhar Summit, Isefsas Peak, Azgour Ridge Scramble, Oumsnat Peak by Dinosaur Wall West Window.
Jebel El Kest: The Summits from Tagdicht, Tagdicht Skyline Scramble, West Ridge Scramble and Summits from Anergui, West Ridge Scramble from Afantinzar, Jebel El Kest and the Ameln Summits.
Taskra and the Northeast: The Tamgelochte Fortress, Amzkhssan Summit, Tassilla Summits, Jebel Taskra and the Tizi Skyline, The Targa Skyline.
Tanalt and the Northwest: In Search of Darth Vader, Dwawj Circuit, The Tirki River Valley and Potter’s Cave, The Lost World of Adad Medni, Adad Medni Tighmert Face Circular Walk, Adad Medni - Jebel Imzi and the Dragon Tree Gorges.
Traverse of the Northwestern Anti-Atlas: From Ait Baha to Ait Mansour.
By David Wood the well known Fylde Cub climber.
Card cover, 17cm x 11.5cm, 256 pages.
Published 2018.
ISBN: 978-1-85284-809-5.

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