A photo-topo guidebook to the climbing in the Montgrony area in Cataluna in the north-eastern corner of Spain, 100 km north of Barcelona.
A photo-topo guidebook to the climbing in the Montgrony area in Cataluna in the north-eastern corner of Spain, 100 km north of Barcelona, covering a good selection of climbs in the Ripolles and Bergueda areas as well as several lesser known areas nearby.
Each crag is introduced with a descriptive text and map reference - the guide also contains a good selection of action shots and each climbing sector has its own photo-topo. In total there are 10 climbing areas and more than 500 routes. Many are grade 7 and above but there are also plenty of 6s and a few 5s.
In Spanish, Catalan and English.
Covers: Ogassa, Corones, Clot de I'Espasa, GombrènMontgrony, Coll Roig, Coll de Merolla,Roc de la Lluna, Malanyeu, Riugrèixer.
By Runar Carlsen and Lin Veronica Wagelid.
Card cover, 21cm x 15cm, 212 pages.
Published 2015.
ISBN: 978-82-997769-6-7.

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