Walking on the Costa Blanca

A collection of 50 circular walks and scrambles that explore the Costa Blanca mountains, around the resorts of Alicante, Benidorm and Calp.
A walking and scrambling guidebook to the Costa Blanca mountains, around the resorts of Alicante, Benidorm and Calp, a popular European winter sun adventure destination. From 1,500m peaks and knife edge ridges to deep gorges, the walks range from gentle strolls to demanding days with steep climbs, and from 3-20km in distance. 50 circular walks and scrambles are described.
Well illustrated with clear maps and photos.
The North
Walk 1 Traverse of Montgo
Walk 2 Tossal Grau
Walk 3 Serra Segaria
Walk 4 Fonts de Pedreguer
Walk 5 Castell d’Aixa
Walk 6 Tossal del Moro and the Serrillas
Walk 7 Castell de Granadella
Inland from Calp
Walk 8 Penon de Ifach
Walk 9 Serra de Olta
Walk 10 Circuit of the Serra Bernia
Walk 11 Bernia East Summit
Walk 12 Bernia West Summit
Walk 13 Serra Ferrer South Ridge
Walk 14 Serra Ferrer North Ridge
Walk 15 Cau Ridge
Walk 16 Alt de L’Ample
Walk 17 Carrascal de Parcent
Walk 18 Penya Talai (Rates)
Walk 19 Penyo Roig
Walk 20 Cavall Verd Ridge
Walk 21 Collado de Garga
Walk 22 10,000 Steps
Walk 23 Barranc de Racons or 5000 Steps
Walk 24 Almadic Ledge Circuit
Walk 25 Barranc de Malafi
Walk 26 Serra Forada
Inland from Benidorm
Walk 27 Serra Gelada
Walk 28 Head of the Algar Valley
Walk 29 Bolulla Castle
Walk 30 Bolulla Circuit/Raco Roig
Walk 31 Cim de Aixorta
Walk 32 Els Arcs
Walk 33 Embassament de Guadalest
Walk 34 Aitana
Walk 35 Penya Mulero
Walk 36 Alt de la Penya de Sella
Walk 37 Barranc de l’Arc and Barranc del Xarquer
Walk 38 Tour of Xanchet
Walk 39 Monte Ponoig
Walk 40 Volta del Puig Campana
Walk 41 Coll del Pouet
Walk 42 Puig Campana Summit from the Coll del Pouet
The Serrella
Walk 43 Penya del Castellet
Walk 44 Mallada del Llop
Walk 45 Pla de la Casa
Walk 46 El Recingle Alt (Pic de Serrella)
Alcoi and the West
Walk 47 Cabeco d’Or
Walk 48 Penya Migjorn
Walk 49 Barranc del Cint
Walk 50 Montcabrer
By Terry Fletcher.
Card cover, 17cm x 11.5cm, 219 pages.
Published 2015.
ISBN: 978-1-85284-751-7.

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