Magic Wood - Bloc


Bouldering guide to one of the most famous bouldering areas in the world, Magic Wood in south-eastern Switzerland.  With high quality overview maps and photo topos.

Magic Wood - Bloc

Magic Wood - Bloc
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Magic Wood is a world class bouldering venue in south-eastern Switzerland. It is is situated in a wooded ravine near the village of Ausserferrera, in the German speaking canton of Grisons. The granite blocks generally give a steep style of climbing and are, on the most part, located in pine woodland on the western slopes of the ravine. A small group of boulders (including the famous Bruno block) are located in the river bed. Late spring, summer and autumn are the best times to visit. A unique feature of 'cold venting', emanating from the deep permafrosts and caverns beneath the blocks, make conditions around the boulders much better than the general air temperatures would suggest, making this a popular summer destination.

This is the first dedicated, printed guidebook to Magic Wood. It is split in to 9 sectors with high quality overview maps and photo topos, and with Font grades used throughout. There are indexes of the routes by grade and alphabetically, covering more than 1200 boulder problems. There are comments accompanying almost all of the problems.

Well illustrated throughout.

In German, English and French (though the problem descriptions are only in German and English).

By Ulrich and Harald Röker.

Card cover, 21cm x 15cm, 224 pages.

Third edition, 2023.

ISBN: 978-3-938680-50-6.

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