Into Thin Air


John Krakauer's rivetting account of the terrible 1996 storm on Everest in which eight climbers died.

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Into Thin Air

Into Thin Air
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Rivetting account of the terrible 1996 storm on Everest in which eight climbers died.

On May 9th 1996, five expeditions launched an assault on the summit of Mount Everest. The conditions seemed perfect. Twenty-four hours later one climber had died and 23 other men and women were caught in a desperate struggle for their lives as they battled against a ferocious storm that threatened to tear them from the mountain. In all eight climbers died that day in the worst tragedy Everest has ever seen.

Jon Krakauer, an accomplished climber, joined a commercial expedition run by guides for paying clients, many of whom had little or no climbing experience. In Into Thin Air he gives a thorough and chilling account of the ill-fated climb and reveals the complex web of decisions and circumstances that left a group of amateurs fighting for their lives in the thin air and sub-zero cold above 26,000 feet - a place climbers call 'The Death Zone'. Into Thin Air reveals the harsh realities of mountaineering and echoes with the frantic calls of climbers lost high on the mountain and way beyond help.

By John Krakauer.

A few photos.

Card cover, 19.5cm x 13cm, 319 pages.

First published 1997. This edition 2011.

ISBN: 978-1-447200-18-5.

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