Mountaineering in Scotland - The Early Years

The full story of the dawning of mountaineering in Scotland, covering the time leading up to World War I.

The full story of the dawning of mountaineering in Scotland. It will shock many to discover that within a few years, Victorian climbers brought climbing in Scotland to technical levels not surpassed until the 1940s. The book breaks new ground as the comprehensive record of these early pioneers, when almost every climb was new and falls could be fatal. Covering the time leading up to World War I and with nearly 70 illustrations from the era, many published for the first time, characters big and small are described alongside their deeds on the Scottish mountains.

  • The first definitive history of Scottish mountaineering.
  • Begins with a 1571 climb at Dumbarton Rock; this volume finishes in 1914.
  • 70 illustrations in both colour and black and white, some of which have never previously been published.
  • Includes material that corrects current myths and unearths new and interesting stories.
  • The first volume in a planned three-volume set.

By Ken Crocket, the author of several current climbing guides in addition to a well-received history of Ben Nevis. He has been both the Editor of the Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal (1986-2000) and the club's President (2000-2002). 

Hardback, 24cm x 16cm, 354 pages.

Published 2015.

ISBN: 978-1-907233-20-3.

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