Crevasse Rescue Pocket Guide

A handy laminated concertina card guide to crevasse rescue giving all the essential information in an easy to take in visual format.

A full-color, 16-panel laminated folded card on crevasse rescue techniques. Though not a substitute for training and practice, it's a handy, lightweight reminder and reference tool that helps climbers implement rescue techniques efficiently and correctly during that training and practice and a good instant reminder if a rescue is actually needed and the mind goes blank in a stressful situation.

Crevasse rescue is one of the most technically complex skills a mountaineer will ever need to learn; it is also one of the most essential. While climbers can go for years without ever having to set up a Z-pulley system, they need to be ready for that one crucial moment when it is essential.

The Crevasse Rescue Pocket Guide gives alpine climbers and ski mountaineers a handy, lightweight (33g) reference that can be boned up on overnight in a hut or even on the glacier as a reminder of the techniques required that may be a wee bit rusty from the previous season.

By Jeff Renner.

Published 2016.

ISBN: 9781680510171.

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