Rab Group Shelter

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The Group Shelter 2 is designed as an emergency shelter to be used when the storm hits or for planned stops in bad weather. Available in 3 sizes.

Rab Group Shelter

1 -2 Persons
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4 - 6 Persons
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8 - 10 Persons
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A group shelter, is well worth carrying on the hill in winter. It's amazing how quickly a thin fabric bag and body heat can warm up and rejuvenate people who are cold, tired and verging on hypothermic. The Group Shelter 2 is pretty small and is designed as an emergency shelter for only 1-2 people, useful if there's only two of you and weight is at a premium (isn't it always!). Most folk would be better off with the 4-6 person version as this allows you to assist people who aren't in your group in an emergency.

Made using a light-weight and windproof polyester fabric, support is provided by the users within. Features include waterproof fabric to sit on (though most people will use their rucksacks), weather-resistant ventilation windows and a recess in the roof of the shelter to allow a trekking pole to be used as a brace. Coloured safety orange and features reflective piping for high-visibility.

  • 1-2 person.
  • Light-weight windproof and waterproof polyester fabric.
  • Windows and vents for airflow.
  • Waterproof seats.
  • Recess in roof to allow a walking pole to be used as a brace.
  • Reflective logo and piping for safety.
  • Supplied in drawcord stuff sack.
Rab Group Shelter Dimensions Weight
1 - 2 Person 145cm long x 50cm wide x 94cm high 320g
4 - 6 Person 145cm long x 145cm wide x 94cm high 620g
8 - 10 Person 210cm long x 145cm wide x 94cm high 880g

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