Sea to Summit Passage Dinnerware Set 2 Person (14 piece)


Six piece Sea to Summit Passage Dinnerware Set for one.

Sea to Summit Passage Dinnerware Set 2 Person (14 piece)

Aqua Seal & Spicy Orange
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The Sea to Summit Passage Dinnerware Sets are lightweight and easy-to-clean.

Items that may get hot feature Cool Grip fins that reduce surface temperatures and heat transfer. Passage cutlery can be clipped together to create a long-handled spoon, fork or knife.

  • Lightweight, compact and durable.
  • Easy to clean, microwave and dishwasher safe: made from BPA-free glass reinforced polypropylene.
  • Minimise spills: tall, vertical side walls.
  • Catch every last morsel: the curvature of the bowls perfectly complements Sea to Summit spoons, for ease of scraping the edges clean.
  • Cool Grip fluted-ribbed walls for increased protection from extremes of temperature, for a cool and comfortable grip.

Contents: " x Plates, 2 x Large Bowls, 2 x uninsulated Cups, 2 x Knives, 2 x Sporks, 2 x Spoons, 2 x Forks.

Composition - Cutlery, Plate and Bowl: Glass-reinforced Polypropylene, - Cup: BPA-free, food grade material which is microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

Weight: c 565g.

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