Sea to Summit Ether Light XT Extreme Mat

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Very comfy, depths of winter/expedition mat with an R value of 6.2.

Sea to Summit Ether Light XT Extreme Mat

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A very warm inflatable sleeping mat for when the mercury drops.

With an R-value over 6, the 10cm thick Ether Light XT Extreme air mat is designed for winter adventures around the globe.

Sea to Summit's Air Sprung Cells are the reason you will sleep better on their air mats. Each Air Sprung Cell deforms independently and allows the mat to conform to your body shape. This provides support and comfort by more evenly dispersing pressure across the mat’s surface.

For the extra thick (XT) Ether Light design, many TPU loops are used to connect the top and bottom fabric layers to the Air Sprung Cell dot weld pattern. These loops allow the top and bottom layers to be positioned further apart which creates larger pockets of air when inflated - perfect for side sleepers. This design also requires less fabric overall which means great stability and comfort for less weight.

Dual-density layers of Thermolite® insulation fill the Air Sprung Cells and work together to prevent convective heat transfer and boost warmth while remaining lightweight and packable.

This mat would be good for all round use, but is especially suited to the depths of winter when snow and ice are on the ground. However, there are much lighter mats, like the Ether Light XT Insulated, that would be just as good most of the year.

  • eXtra Thick (XT) loop baffle Air Sprung Cells™.
  • Thicker Thermolite® layer for increased warmth.
  • Lightweight, quiet and grippy 30/40D Nylon fabric, field repairable with included self-adhesive patches.
  • Exkin Platinum® and Thermolite® for insulation.
  • Air Sprung Cells™ for a more comfortable sleep.
  • Ultra-Fresh® anti-microbial treatment to the TPU formula to prevent internal mould growth.
  • Multi-functional, high flow-rate valve.
  • PillowLock™ attaches a Sea to Summit' Aeros™ pillow to the mat, holding it in place for a slip-free sleep.
Ether Light XT Extreme Mat Length Width Thickness Packed R Value Weight
Regular 183cm 55cm 10cm ø17.5cm x 24cm 6.2 720g
Large 198cm 64cm 10cm ø18.5cm x 28cm 6.2 950g
Women's Regular 168cm 55cm 10cm ø17.5cm x 24cm 6.3 685g

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