On these pages are listed the most common MSR spare parts for MSR stoves that have been imported into the UK. The MSR spare catalogue must run to thousands of items though, so if you are after something more obscure, please contact us - we may be able to obtain it for you. We carry parts for the stoves listed below plus a few gas stoves.

XGK: The original MSR expedition stove that will burn almost anything, but only at full throttle! A brilliant snow melter and easily maintained in the field, it was replaced by the XGK EX in 2005.

XGK EX: MSR's current expedition stove with all the good characteristics of the XGK (ie it will burn anything and can melt snow in large volumes) combine with a flexible fuel pipe.

DragonFly: The DragonFly can burn almost as many fuels as the XGK EX but not quite as well when it comes to poor contaminated fuels. It can simmer though, something that the XGK models are useless at.

WhisperLite: Huge numbers and many models of these stoves have been made over the years. The most important recent models are: WhisperLite Universal, the current model of petrol and paraffin (white gas and kerosene) burning stove that also can burn canister gas in a butane/propane mix, WhisperLite International, the current model of petrol and paraffin (white gas and kerosene) burning stove, and WhisperLite 600, the earlier version of the International - it has wire legs as opposed to pressed steel ones. Most parts, except jets, are identical for all versions.

Pumps: All MSR liquid fuel stoves work in conjunction with the Standard Duraseal Pump except for the DragonFly which has its own DragonFly Duraseal Pump. These pumps work with all MSR Stoves whatever vintage, but spares are also available for older pumps.

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