Beacons Products Tent Underlay (1.5m wide by per metre length)

Lightweight, soft foam ground sheet for extra comfort and protection of the groundsheet against damage and dampness. / metre x 1.5 metres.

Lightweight (150g/m2), soft foam ground sheet (the colour varies, sometimes black, sometimes orange) for extra comfort and protection of the groundsheet against damage and dampness. Waterproof and rot proof. Strong 3mm thick physically cross-linked closed cell Alveolit foam structure. Tested in many Antarctic and other expeditions, but also ideal for car-based camping where hard campsites together with stones, bits of glass and old ringpulls can wreak serious havoc with your groundsheet.

Dimensions: 1.5m x 3mm and comes in 10m rolls but we will cut this to measure. 1.5 metres is the width of most mountain tents so work out the length that you want in metres (to go under the tent and maybe bell ends too) and order this quantity.

Weight: very light - but bulky! 225g/m x 1.5m. Due to size restrictions this item will be shipped by Parcelforce only. We therefore cannot send it by a priority service.

Here is what one customer says about it: "Tent Underlay was voted the most indispensable piece of kit by all four of us (in two tents) on our weekend trek from Rannoch Station to Dalwhinnie. We bought it to be prepared for snow, as, when I ordered it, there had been a recent snow dump. However, the snow had all but disappeared, but if you know that area you will know that it is prime bog country, and the Tent Underlay enabled us to camp on pretty soggy ground without getting wet in the slightest. In spite of its bulk (and the fact that it ruined the neat lines of my husband's new pack!) it will certainly accompany us on camping trips in the future. Thanks again."

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