Yates Big Wall Ladder

The six step Yates Big Wall Ladders have 2" (5cm) wide steps for comfort on extended pitches of sustained aid involving constant standing in etriers.

Yates Big Wall Ladder

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Yates Big Wall Ladders have wider (2") rungs than their Speed Ladders and are designed for comfort on long sustained pitches while standing in etriers.
A built in spreader bar insures that steps remain open without causing foot pinching. 
Big Wall Ladders are all made of the same colour webbing, blue and black, but have either four blues steps and one black one or four black steps and one blue one, plus the colour of  the Dyneema loop is either blue or black accordingly -  this one has mainly black steps and a black loop.
Six Step, 1" (2.5cm) tape with 2" (5cm) steps, 178cm long.
Weight (approx.): 400g.


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