Petzl Dual Connect Adjust

Double positioning lanyard with one fixed and one adjustable arm for sport climbers - a super safe way to deal with setting up lower offs where the rope needs threading and setting up abseils.

Petzl Dual Connect Adjust

Petzl Dual Connect Adjust
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The Petzl Dual Connect Adjust lanyard is a double positioning lanyard with one fixed arm and one adjustable arm, designed for sport climbing. The adjustable arm can be set to the ideal length for abseiling manoeuvres, on multi-pitch routes, in mountaineering, or when moving along a fixed line in canyoning. The rope adjuster's ergonomic shape offers simple, quick adjustment and the device is suitable for use in many situations encountered in sport climbing and mountaineering.
  • Double positioning lanyard with one fixed arm and one adjustable arm, ideal for abseiling manoeuvres when canyoning, multi-pitch climbing and mountaineering.
  • Dynamic rope lanyard to reduce the force transmitted to the user in case of a short fall.
  • Moving along a fixed line: ability to have the fixed arm and adjustable arm of the same length to facilitate progression.
  • The Connect Adjust rope adjuster's ergonomic shape offers quick, precise adjustment with its 15cm to 95cm adjustable arm.
  • It also has a 45cm fixed arm - useful for attaching you abseil device to to keep it distant from your Prusik loop, hair, clothing etc.
  • The connecting locking karabiner (not supplied) is held in position by a rubber grommet to facilitate clipping - or you could use a captive belay type krab.
  • Attaches to the tie-in point(s) of the harness with a girth hitch (lark's foot).
Requires two locking karabiners (not supplied).
NB For use only below the anchor point as positioning lanyards do not have an energy absorber - such lanyards must only be used when the potential fall factor is less than 1.
Certification(s): CE.
Material(s): nylon, aluminum, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).
Fixed arm length: 45cm.
Adjustable arm length: 15cm to 95cm.
Weight: ca 160g.

Petzl Connect Devices - The Differences Explained

Petzle Connect devices are designed to keep you safe while sport climbing at the critical point changing from climbing mode to lowering off or abseiling. By being adjustable and made of dynamic (shock absorbing) rope they significantly reduce the risk of shock loading belay anchors. They also make it far less likely that you inadvertently detach yourself completely while threading a chain. The major differences between each device are explained below.

Petzl Connect Adjust: Adjustable one-point anchor, use, together with your lead rope to attach to anchor points. Also useful for making yourself safe at the top of sport routes whilst threading chains. 

Petzl Dual Connect Adjust: Similar to the above with the handy addition of an extra loop, and particularly useful for multi-pitch abseils where the belay device can be fixed to the additional loop and the adjustable loop can be clipped into each individual ab point on the descent

Petzl Dual Connect Vario: Adjustable two-point anchor, allowing the belayer to safely move around belay (useful if having to belay and complete other tasks simultaneously). It can also be used just like the Dual Connect Adjust.

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