8mm Cord x 1.25m Piece


1.25m of 8mm cord suitable for restringing Hexes size 5-11 and all sizes of Wild Country Rockcentric.

8mm Cord x 1.25m Piece

8mm Cord x 1.25m Piece
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Static cord.
Breaking Strain when new: 15kN approx.
Weight per metre: 40g.
Colours vary.
Priced per 1.25metres.

Suitable for Camp Hexcentrics sizes 5 - 11, and all sizes of Wild Country Rockcentrics and DMM Torque Nuts.

For rethreading Hexes and other nuts, we suggest that 1.25m of cord will allow for a reasonably long loop and a Double Fisherman's Knot with a good "tail".

It is cut with a "hot-knife" that seals it as well. If you need to cut it again then you will need to find a friendly shop that has a hot-knife to do it for you.

Camp Hexentrics: Sadly, Camp Hexes on cord (made under license from Black Diamond) have now gone the way of the Whillans Harness and the Fire Rockboot - climbers, it seems, can no longer be trusted to tie their own knots!

The chart below is a guide to what diameter cord is required to restring an old Camp Hex. 

NB For Wild Country Rockcentrics and DMM Torque Nuts use 8mm cord for all sizes. 

Alternatively, for all nuts and Hexes, use 5mm or 5.5mm Dyneema cord which is much lighter and neater.

Camp Hexcentrics


Breaking Strain


Cord Diameter
1 18mm x 14mm 3kN 5g 4mm
2 21mm x 15mm 5kN 7g 5mm
3 24mm x 18mm 7kN 10g 6mm
4 29mm x 22mm 9kN 18g 7mm
5 34mm x 26mm 12kN 26g 8mm
6 40mm x 34mm 18kN 36g 9mm
7 48mm x 38mm 14kN 52g 9mm
8 56mm x 44mm 13kN 78g 9mm
9 66mm x 54mm 13kN 108g 9mm
10 79mm x 64mm 13kN 160g 9mm
11 91mm x 75mm 13kN 230g 9mm


For joining the ends of the cord to make a loop, use a Double Fisherman's Knot.

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