DMM Nut Set 3 - Passive Pro Set

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A useful set of nuts and wires aimed at anyone building their first rack and consisting of sets of DMM Wallnuts, Alloy Offsets and Torque Nuts.

DMM Nut Set 3 - Passive Pro Set

DMM Nut Set 3 - Passive Pro Set
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A useful set of nuts and wires aimed at anyone building their first rack and consisting of Wallnuts 1-11, Alloy Offsets 7-11 and Torque Nuts 1-4.

This certainly would give you sufficient trad gear with the addition of slings, karabiners and quickdraws to lead many lower grade routes, without the addition of expensive cams.

Full set of DMM Wallnuts sizes 1 - 11
DMM Wallnuts are a good complement to Wild Country Rocks. Sizes are almost identical but the different shape means they are better suited to flared placements.
The new style is considerably lighter than the old style ones in the larger sizes. However they are also slightly more prone to getting stuck, particularly on nobbly rock like granite.
Wallnuts are conveniently colour coded in the same colours as the equivalent sized Wild Country Rock.
Full set of Alloy Offsets sizes 7 - 11
Based on the famed HB Alloy Offsets, these nuts have been produced using modified versions of the original HB dies. DMM have brought them up to date with colour coded sizing, recessed wires and lightening holes in the largest two sizes.
These strangely shaped nuts have a loyal following because their complex offset shape offers placement opportunities when nothing else will fit. This is particularly true of some of the pegscar cracks one encounters in places like Yosemite.
Sizes 1-6 are made in brass (see below).
Full set of Torque Nuts sizes 1 - 4
DMM's take on the large nut sizes - a mere four sizes cover a large range (equivalent to 5 sizes in Rockcentrics) and the nuts offer the standard three wedge placements as well as highly emphasised camming placement.

DMM Wallnuts
Number Colour Dimensions Strength Weight
1 Purple 6.7mm x 14.3mm 7kN
2 Green 8.1mm x 15.8mm 9kN 26g
3 Silver 9.4mm x 16.5mm 11kN 28g
4 Gold 11.0mm x 17.6mm 12kN 30g
5 Blue 13.2mm x 19.4mm 12kN 32g
6 Red 15.6mm x 22.6mm 12kN 39g
7 Grey 18.9mm x 25.8mm 12kN 40g
8 Turquoise 22.3mm x 29.0mm 12kN 45g
9 Gold 25.2mm x 32.1mm 12kN 50g
10 Silver 28.8mm x 32.6mm 12kN 56g
11 Green 33.1mm x 37.4mm 12kN 68g


DMM Alloy Offset
Number Colour Dimensions Strength Weight
7 Gold 12.0mm x 15.1mm 12kN 27g
8 Blue 13.5mm x 17.9mm 12kN 30g
9 Red 17.1mm x 21.4mm 12kN 37g
10 Grey 19.4mm x 25.1mm 12kN 45g
11 Turquoise 23.2mm x 30.0mm 12kN 56g


DMM Torque Nuts
Number Colour Dimensions Strength Weight
1 Green 31mm x 41mm 14kN
2 Red 36mm x 49mm 14kN 70g
3 Gold 44mm x 59mm 14kN 104g
4 Blue 54mm x 71mm 14kN 146g

DMM will repair their own cams, Mambas and Torque Nuts if they are less than 10 years old. Please see DMM Returns, Servicing & Repairs.

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