Beal Jammy

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The Beal Jammy is a sewn Prusik Loop made from 5.5mm cord - three lengths.

Beal Jammy

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The Beal Jammy is a sewn Prusik Loop made from 5.5mm  cord with an aramid core and polyamide sheath. It can be used with single or half rope, and on one or both half ropes.
It can be used to make a Prusik knot for increased security during an abseil and to create a rope clamp for hauling/crevasse rescue. The knots used can be either the standard Prusik where the cord is wound round the rope several times before one end is poked through the other and clipped to a karabiner, or the French Prusik where both ends are clipped to the karabiner. The former is less likely to slip but more likely to jam.
Aramid is similar to Kevlar so it is very strong and also highly heat resistant, unlike Dyneema which melts easily.
  • Very high resistance to heat.
  • Very high resistance to repeated folding.
  • Very supple so it can  grip small diameter ropes.
  • Stitching protected by a heat shrunk sleeve.
  • Much lighter than mechanical systems.

Beal recommend the following number of turns around the rope when using a Beal Jammy*.

Number of Turns Prusik only Prusik/French Prusik Prusik/French Prusik
Rope Diameter (2 strands) Jammy 35cm Jammy 50cm Jammy 60cm
7.3mm - 8.1mm 3 5 X
8.1mm - 8.6mm 2 X 6
8.6mm - 10mm 2 X 5

However, before use, the Prusik efficiency must be checked by the climber with their own rope as variations can be expected, for instance, new ropes can be very slippery so an extra turn may be needed.

* For ascending, we feel that it does not really matter that much if a loop is too long, so if buying a pair of prusik loops it makes sense to have two of different lengths to cover as great range of rope diameters as possible when using one loop as an autobloc.

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