Mammut BarryvoxS Avalanche Transceiver

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Top of the range Avalanche Transceiver with a higher performance, a much simpler user interface, and new background programming that makes searching easier and faster for all users. 

Mammut BarryvoxS Avalanche Transceiver

Mammut BarryvoxS Avalanche Transceiver
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The BarryvoxS  Avalanche Transceiver is capable of easily solving single, multiple or even extremely difficult multiple burials involving signal overlap. Compared to its predecessor the Pulse, the BarryvoxS has higher performance, a much simpler user interface, and with new background programming that makes searching easier and faster for all users. It makes searching a large area a lot quicker as you don't need to do as many zig-zags.
New switch that has no mid-positions so the switch doesn't get hung-up in-between the Off/Send/Search positions - this means it cant be "on" but then because the switch hasn't locked in place accidentally move to off or search - the positive switch-lock prevents this. Much less likely to accidentally turn on in storage or transport. Very large screen (2.2”), backlit for easy visibility in bright sunlight or darkness and function with polarised lenses. The battery compartment features an easily replaceable door with enhanced durability, all replaceable battery contacts, and a slightly larger space for a more forgiving fit with various battery brands.  The Barrymount carrying system features easier adjustment and one-handed operation and prevents stowing the beacon while in Search and prevents the beacon from being switched to either Search or Off while stowed.
  • Ergonomic design is impact-proof and can be operated with gloves on.
  • Transceiver software is user-friendly and features a single mark button.
  • Buried beacons can be marked to speed up searching in multiple-burial scenarios.
  • Display is backlit and easy to read, even with polarised sunglasses.
  • Audio and visual guidance provides information on distance, direction and number of victims.
  • Group test function activates itself when turning the beacon on.
  • 70m search strips speeds signal pick-up and helps save precious seconds.
  • Auto-revert function switches a searching beacon to send mode after it has been immobile for 4 minutes.
  • Automatic self-test, frequency check and function test ensures your beacon is always functioning properly.
  • Battery life is 300 hours in send, followed by 1 hour in search using 3 x AAA alkaline batteries.
  • Firmware can be updated when new functionalities are added.
  • Barryvox® carrying system protects the transceiver and is easy to use with one hand.

The BarryvoxS has two functioning systems:

  • Only one profile to operate the beacon in “Standard Mode”.
  • No “hidden functions - easy navigation for all functions.
  • Easier user interface uses only a scroll-bar in combination with one button.
  • Longer range (up to 70m range, 70m Search Strip in Standard Mode).
  • Faster signal pickup, improved signal separation (reduced "stop stand still" overlap prompts).
  • Better signal retention  and fewer “ghosting” beacons, keep signal overview throughout search.
  • “Auto Guidance” offers continued search guidance during signal overlap, something no other beacon can do.  The beacon pre-maps the flux line and the motion sensor is able to tell where along that line the user is, so in the event of signal overlap the beacon is able to continue the search un-interrupted.  This background feature doesn't require the user to "do" anything, and virtually eliminates the "stop stand still" screen prompt indicating signal overlap.  
  • “Smart Fine Search” uses sensor technology to optimize the fine-search for all users.  The evolution of “intelligent fine search” is easier to use and reduces the fine grid-search to an absolute minimum.  This means the searcher simply follows the arrow in the coarse search, right through the shortened fine search, directly to a "probe here" icon.  
That all sounds like a lot, but the above points are mostly behind the scenes and the user is not aware it’s happening and doesn't have to "do" anything.
Pro Search menu option is a on/off user-configuration that allows access to the “Alternate Search mode" for users who will practice alternate search strategies such as micro-strips, three-circle or micro-box, to solve the most difficult multiple burial searches that involve both close-proximity burials and signal overlap, as well as extended range which can be utilised in specific situations such as tree-well searches.  The Easier interface and “intuitively ergonomic” navigation opens this functionality to many recreational users—this function provides a reliable indication of exactly when to switch to an alternate search strategy versus when you can rely on the signal separation.  Educators will especially appreciate the simplicity of teaching this beacon's advanced functions compared to the Pulse, as all brands of beacons require similar "alternate search" techniques in the event of close-proximity multiple burials, the Pro Search function simply offers an easy way to recognise when the searcher needs to switch to an alternate search strategy due to signal overlap, versus the usual scenario when they can continue to rely on the beacon's signal separation.  
Weight: ca 205g including batteries (supplied) and carrying harness.
Which model do you need?
The standard Barryvox is the simplest beacon and will appeal to those who place the highest priority on simplicity.  The Barryvox has by far the longest range in its class, and new background programming that provides very fast signal pickup and reduces the incidence of signal-overlap during multiple burial searches makes this beacon even easier to use and more effective than its predecessor the Element.  
The BarryvoxS  provides the same benefits as the Barryvox, along with some built-in refinements and enhanced functionality. Users will choose to buy the S over the standard for two reasons:
1) “Auto Guidance” and “Smart Search” background programming provides both new and seasoned users with improved functionality and faster, uninterrupted searches. These features operate in the background in the beacons standard operating mode, so the user doesn't have to "do" anything, simply follow the arrow all the way through the search, which culminates in a "probe here" icon.
2) Access to the “Pro Search” function in order to definitively tell the user when to switch to an alternate search strategy (micro strips, etc) to quickly identify and solve close-proximity multiple burials involving signal overlap.  Whereas the Pulse had a reputation of being more involved to use in its advanced settings, the far easier user interface and intuitive navigation opens this function up to many recreational users.

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