Grivel Rambo Frontpoints

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Crampon points for the later models of Grivel Rambo.

Grivel Rambo Frontpoints

Rambo3/Comp (095.84) Set of 4 Points
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Rambo 4 Set of 2 Points
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Variations on the Rambo crampon are many, varied and complex, and trying to establish exactly which spares each requires is a bit of a nightmare. We think the following is correct but can only apologise if it isn't.

Rambo 4: (set of one pair): RBRA4 - each point is 9.5cm long.

Rambo Evo 3 and Rambo Comp Evo: (set of two pairs, ie 4 points) 095.84 - each point is16cm long.

Parts for Rambo 1 crampons are no longer made. To help you try and track some down somewhere (possibly) there were two types, bi-points - 095.75 (set of one pair but each piece is actually two points forged into one unit) and mono-points - 095.76 (set of one pair).

Parts for Rambo 2 crampons are no longer made. We are not sure what the code of the points that fit these was. However, a customer writes, "Just a point to note (and this might only apply to my case - the Rambo 3/Comp front points do fit the Rambo/Rambo 2 crampons. You have to rearrange some of the bolts and adjust where the front points attach to the frame but otherwise given the multitude of holes in the frames and points there are sufficient options available." So there's hope yet!

Rambo 4
Rambo Evo 3
Rambo Comp Evo


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