Grivel Machine Ice Blade Pick (PJICE)

Spare ice climbing pick (Grivel Code PJICE) to fit most modern Grivel technical axes (it does not allow an adze or hammer to be fitted). The best choice for Scottish Mixed.

Grivel Machine Ice Blade Pick (PJICE)

Grivel Machine Ice Blade Pick (PJICE)
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Spare ice climbing pick that is also ideal for Scottish mixed (Greg Boswell has been using these for several years and hasn't managed to bend one yet!) - the best choice for the all round British winter climber (if you haven't got/don't want an adze or hammer).
It fits the following Grivel Axes:
  • Light Machine
  • North Machine
  • Tech Machine
  • North Machine Carbon
  • Tech Machine Carbon
  • Machine 3.0

New nuts and bolts are included.

Grivel Code: PJICE.
NB It is not possible to fit a hammer head or a shovel (adze) using this pick. You need the Mix Blade or the Ice Blade Plus to do this.

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