Emily Brooks

Emily describes herself as an allrounder. That includes summer and winter climbing, mountaineering and ski-touring all over the world, including the Alps, New Zealand, Australia, America and the Himalayas. Leads up to VS on rock, but as she says says "there's enough VS in the world to last several lifetimes!" Recent highlights include sailing to Greenland as crew with the Rev Bob "in the footsteps of Tilman" Shepton, and making several first ascents in the far north-west. In recent years Em has competed in numerous adventure races and mountain bike events, and even wins on occasion!

Em is our Post Room Assistant Manager.

Emily on Dream of White Horses (HVS), Gogarth.
Photo: Moose

Emily on the infamous Lost Arrow Spire tyrolean, Yosemite, USA.
Photo: Beth

Emily in Crowberry Gully (IV), Glencoe.
Photo: Moose

Emily ski-touring in the Pitztal, Austria. Photo: Moose

Emily on a two day solo tour of the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.
Photo: Self-timer!

Emily shortly before completing day one of the infamous 2008 OMM in Borrowdale. The event was cancelled after the first day due to the appalling weather.
Photo: Zoe Fleming

Emily on her way to the first ascent of Mount Peter (1430m approx), Kangersugssuaq, West Greenland Photo: Moose

Above: Em on the Zettenkaiser West Ridge(II), Kaisergebirge, Austria
Photos: Max Cousins

Above: Em waking up to another beautiful day after a bivi on the summit of Scheffauer, Kaisergebirge, Austria
Em starring in a telly advert in 2012!

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