Extreme Rock

Extreme Rock is a companion volume to Hard Rock. It covers harder routes - from E1 to E9.

It has been out of print for many years now and unfortunately the plates from which it was printed were accidently destroyed, so it is unlikely to be reprinted again in its original format. To add insult to injury 4000 unbound copies were pulped, meaning that of the original 8000 print run, only around 4000 were ever sold. Second hand copies change hands for up to £400, so if you see an old copy going cheap, snap it up!

Extreme Rock Routes List

First Edition of Extreme Rock
published 1987 (Diadem)

The cover shows Dave Cuthbertson on Just a Little Tease (E5) Glen Nevis
Photo: Ed Grindley

Extreme Rock Compleaters

We do not know of any Extreme Rock "Compleaters" (though James McHaffie is getting very close), but we take our hats off to anyone who has managed the lot! The stopper route of course is Indian Face which narrows the list of contenders down to a handful! Have you completed all the Extreme Rock Routes, or do you know anyone who has? Or have you just got some comments? If so please let us know!

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