Hard Rock Routes List

Here is the routes list from the first edition of Hard Rock, XS grades have been given their modern equivalents:

Carnmore Dragon HVS  
  Gob VS Now HVS
Creag an Dubh Loch King Rat HVS Now free E1
  Goliath HVS  
Shelter Stone The Needle E1  
Carn Dearg, Ben Nevis Centurion HVS  
  The Bat E2  
Aonach Dubh Trapeze E1 Now HVS
  Yo-Yo E1  
Creag a' Bhancair Carnivore E2 Direct Finish. Aided Finish now free at E4
Buchaille Etive Mor Shibboleth E2  
  Raven's Gully VS  
Trilleachan Slabs Swastika HVS Now goes free at E2 but out of character
Hoy The Old Man HVS Now graded E1
Blaven The Great Prow VS  
Strone Ulladale The Scoop A4 Goes free at E7
Arran South Ridge Direct VS  
Scafell Central Buttress HVS Chockstone has fallen out - now E3
Alternative up front of Flake - E1
  Ichabod E2  
Esk Buttress Central Pillar E2  
Heron Crag Gormenghast HVS Now E1
Gable Engineers' Slabs VS  
Goat Crag Praying Mantis HVS Now E1
Gimmer The Crack VS  
  Kipling Groove HVS  
Deer Bield Deer Bield Buttress E1 The entire buttress has collapsed
Raven Crag, Thirlmere Totalitarian E1 Will go in next edition to to replace DBB.
Castle Rock North Crag Eliminate E1 The upper half of the buttress has collapsed.
Dow Crag Nimrod E1 Will go in next edition to to replace NCE.
Dove Crag Extol E2  
Gogarth Gogarth HVS Now E1
  Big Groove E2 Now E3
  A Dream of White Horses HVS  
  Mousetrap HVS Now E2
Llech Ddu The Groove E1  
Dinas Cromlech Cenotaph Corner E1  
Dinas Mot Diagonal HVS  
Cryn Las The Grooves E1  
Clogwyn du'r Arddu Great Slab/Bow-Shaped Slab VS  
  Vember E1  
  Great Wall E1 Aid Now E4 free
  White Slab HVS Now E1
  Slanting Slab E2 Aid Goes free at 6a
Castell Cidwm Dwm HVS Aid Goes Free at E4
Tremadog Vector E2  
Almscliff NW Girdle HVS Now E1
Kilnsey Main Overhang A3 Goes free at E8
Mallam Carnage HVS Now E1, goes free at E2
Stanage Right Unconquerable HVS  
Froggatt Valkyrie HVS  
Curbar Elder Crack E1 Now E2
Cratcliffe Suicide Wall HVS  
Chee Tor Chee Tor Girdle VS  
Plum Buttress Sirplum HVS Now E1
High Tor Debauchery HVS Now E1 free
Stoney Middleton Alcasan HVS Now free at E2 but out of character
Avon Gorge Malbogies HVS Now E1 free
Cheddar Gorge Coronation Street HVS Now E1
Berry Head Moonraker HVS  
Chair Ladder Bishop's Rib HVS Now E1 following a rockfall
Bosigran Bow Wall E2  
  Suicide Wall HVS Aid Now free at E1

NB A new edition of Hard Rock is currently in preparation, which is very welcome news! It is being compiled by Ian Parnell and will be published by Vertebrate Publishing. Known route changes for climbs that are no longer climbable are listed above but it is rumoured that more radical changes to the route list will be made. The author and publisher are understandable keeping these under wraps at the moment - but watch this space!

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