MSR XGK Priming Pad (419223)


Priming Pad for all models of the MSR XGK (does not fit the XGK-EX).


Approximate Packed Weight: 0.002kg

MSR XGK Priming Pad (419223)

MSR XGK Priming Pad (419223)
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Priming Pad for all models of the MSR XGK.

NB Does not fit the XGK-EX - for that you need the MSR XGK-EX Priming Pad.

Replacing these looks impossible at first, but is actually straightforward:
1) Remove the pan support wires.
2) Unscrew slightly the little screw and nut just to the right of where the fuel pipe goes into the stove housing. Slide it out rightwards.
3) Grab the fuel pipe and twist it firmly to the right (forcing the loop in it past the pan wire holder crimp if need be), and the stove body can then be lifted out of the housing and the pad replaced.

Part Number: 419223.

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